JBL Synthesis PS1400

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The JBL PS1400 Subwoofer could very well be the key you were looking for to unleash the full potential of your hi-tech sound system at home; no matter whether we are talking stereo or 7.1-channel applications, the JBL PS1400 will add the true definition to your sound, enriching the whole acoustic experience and at the same time adding lifelikeness to the media you are playing.

The JBL PS1400 sports s slim cabinet made from very strong materials, with heavy internal bracing and damping for an improved sonic response in the destined frequencies; the JBL PS1400 will not distort even at higher pressure levels as the PolyPlas woofer cone prevents such uncontrolled behavior.

The JBL PS1400 boasts a massive 14-inch woofer that will handle 400W RMS continuous power. The frequency response of the JBL PS1400 will simply rock your room off as the sub can blast LF as deep as a rumbling 28Hz.

The FreeFlow flared bass reflex front-firing ports enhance and warm up the rolling bass and will surely fill any room with substantial bass. The Aquaplas cone driver is using the same endurance-oriented technology like JBL's stadium, concert or movie theaters arrays – maximum fidelity, virtually indestructible.

The JBL PS1400 sports sound tweaking options that will make sure your bass will resonate as good as possible in any room: the user can tweak the crossover and phase settings of the woofer so that the sonic response will be in perfect co-ordination with each room's acoustic characteristics.

Even more, the JBL PS1400 sports a special connection panel that will allow you to connect satellites at the same sound source and transform the new array in an ensemble performing like a floorstanding big box. The JBL PS1400 also features separate Low Frequency Effects (LFE) input for an even more enthralling sonic experience.


Launch date 2005, 2nd half
Availability Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Oceania, Japan, Romania
Dimensions (LxWxH) 483 x 508 x 381 mm
Mass 36,000 g
Casing Wood
Color options Black
Audio system All, surround, LFE
Power (RMS) 400 W
THD Not specified
Sound pressure level (SPL) Not specified
Impedance Not specified
Sensitivity 91dB
Frequency range 28-130Hz
Crossover Yes, adjustable
Phase adjustment Yes