JBL Synthesis HT4V

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Giá: 30.600.000₫

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The HT4V THX-certified, Symmetrical Vertical Array bookshelf loudspeaker can accurately reproduce today's dynamic digital movie soundtracks with superb clarity and pinpoint imaging. The HT4V can be used for all five channels, or can be combined with other HT models for a complete home theater system. Package contains 2 speakers to serve as left and right main speakers.

The JBL HT4V is the vertical version of the HT4H LCR loudspeaker. Sporting the same hi-technology as the rest of the JBL HT series, this nifty multi-channel surround system component will add a lot of class and style to your home decor.

The JBL HT4V sports the Symmetrical Vertical Array system for an unbelievable pinpoint-accuracy sonic imaging. No matter whether we're talking about music or movies, the JBL HT4V will provide you with a very consistent sonic response that will add much to your listening pleasure.

The JBL HT4V can actually be comfortably placed near your TV, as it is magnetically shielded and its presence near your other gear will not result in interferences and troubles. Being a L-C-R loudspeaker, the JBL HT4V can easily play the role of a nifty front speaker in a most serious surround system.

The JBL HT4V can even be used to easily expand your current 5.1 system to a higher number of channels as the package contains a matched pair. Simply add them to your multi-channel amp's output and you're set to go.

JBL HT4V sports two very serious woofers: the 5.5-inch driver is capable of creating a 55Hz bass sound, delivering a more immersive acoustic experience. Now, 55Hz is way lower than most other brands would offer in a center-channel for this money. The higher audio spectrum is served by the traditional JBL titanium (Pure-titanium) dome, 1-inch tweeter that completes the frequency range with HF up to 20kHz. The Bi-Radial horn ensures a very even and substantial sonic dispersion allowing for a better listening experience.

Blasting up to 150W in 8 Ohms impedance, the JBL HT4V has a 88dB sensitivity, being thus guaranteed to change the way you experience both dialog and effects in movies and the sound of your music.