Vandersteen Quatro

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Since 1977, Vandersteen Audio has designed and built linnovative loudspeakers using advanced concepts such as minimum-area baffles for driver mountings that virtually eliminate cabinet edge and grille diffraction anomalies and mass alignment of driver elements to insure proper time arrival. Vandersteen Audio was the first loudspeaker manufacturer to use the Gen-Rad 2512 FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Computer Analyzer originally developed for the aerospace industry, for in-house research and development and remains a leader in interfacing complex computerized analysis of loudspeaker parameters and performance with practical design and engineering.

All Vandersteen speakers benefit from their years of experience designing and building loudspeakers of unparalleled value and performance.

Like all Vandersteen speakers,the 2CE Signature II utilizes their proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design to optimize the dispersion and transient accuracy of the drivers while maintaining the input signal's time and phase integrity. The drivers, their positioning and their associated minimum-area baffles were developed with the aid of FFT computer analysis to minimize diffraction, cone break-up, multi-driver interference and out-of-band phase irregularities. The construction, alignment and positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position.

The Aligned Dynamic Design is used for the Model Two due to its many potential advantages:

* Precise, more dimensional imaging and a wider listening area.
* A greater flexibility of placement options within the listening room and better transient response.
* A high level of genuine transparency and detail typical of planar speakers without the distortions and response variations of multi-directional dynamic loudspeakers.
* A stable impedance, assuring complete compatibility with any amplifier or receiver.
* Increased efficiency and improved dynamic range

Thông số kĩ thuật:

Hãng sản xuất Vandersteen
Công suất âm thanh 500W
Tần số thu sóng tối thiểu 24Hz
Tần sô thu sóng tối đa 30kHz
Trở kháng 8Ω
Mức độ âm thanh 87dB
Kích thước 10921 x 254 x 482mm (HxWxD)
Trọng lượng 50kg