Revel IC15

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Giá cũ: 34.000.000₫

Giá mới: 30.600.000₫

Tổng quan

Due to its unique three-way design and angled baffles the IC15is equally adept as a left/center/right or surround speaker. When aimed directly at the listener the IC15 provides accurate detail, unsurpassed dynamics and life-like imaging previously only found on in-room or in-wall loudspeakers. When used as a surround the IC15 can be angled to provide accurate rear channel performance for even the most demanding concert and movie material. Based on its installed angle, the IC15 can be used as a monopole speaker or a diffusive speaker when a larger coverage area is required.

The Revel-IC15 is truly one of the most flexible architectural speakers available.

  • “In-room” left/center/right or surround loudspeaker performance from a fully-flush in-ceiling loudspeaker
  • Unique rectangular flat-panel woofer with MCC (Micro-Ceramic Composite) diaphragm equivalent to a 6½-inch woofer

  • Dual low-coloration 3-inch midranges with MCC diaphragms

  • Low-distortion 1-inch tweeter with pure titanium diaphragm

  • High-order (24dB/octave) crossover network for lowest coloration and high output capability for the most dynamic film soundtracks

  • High-frequency and boundary compensation adjustments optimise performance in a wide variety of acoustic applications

  • Low frequency acoustic response tailored for optimum blending with a subwoofer at the industry-standard 80Hz

Thông số kỹ thuật

Hãng sản xuất REVEL
Loại   2.1
Công suất âm than(W)  200
Tần số thu sóng tối thiểu (Hz 80Hz
Tần số thu sóng tối đa (kHz)   20kHz
Trở kháng (Ω)
Mức độ âm thanh (db) 89dB
Kích thước (mm) 323 x 289 x
Trọng lượng (kg) 3.6