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For ProAc, the development of a sub-woofer has only recently become a priority. In our opinion early designs blurred detail and imagery in stereo systems. We felt that it was only with the advent of the more compact active sub-woofers with their own electronics and filters that matching capability and sound quality were improved, but we still did not feel the need to produce our own unit.

Lately however, particularly with the increasing popularity of home theatre and with the success of our own ProAc Home Theatre system (Studio 130/ 140 front, Studio 110 rear, and the Studio Centre channel) we decided that it would be desirable to develop a high quality sub-woofer which would be a credible addition to sophisticated audio systems.

This first ProAc ER One (Equalised Reflex) subwoofer is an active unit with its own filters and internal amplification. Development has been a lengthy process. Our initial research indicated that drive unit cone material was a main contributing factor to sub-bass colouration. So a new carbon composite cone, developed a few years ago specifically for our Response and Future ranges, provided the perfect solution.

Characterised by a clean and uncoloured bass output, this new material was developed into a ten-inch cone specifically for the ER One. It was immediately found to have the necessary rigidity and internal damping to produce a clean and natural sound, complementing the output of the main loudspeakers rather than detracting from it. The drive unit is mounted in a compact enclosure of high rigidity and thickness, with damped inner walls and loaded by our unique equalised reflex port, as developed for our Response and Future models.

Naturally with the compatibility of the cone material and other design factors, this unit has proved to be especially successful with our own home theatre system, but extensive testing has also assured its effectiveness with other high quality home theatre and two-channel systems.

The ER One is a true ProAc thoroughbred and immediately raises the game in sub-bass performance; for an extra octave of bass in a twochannel hi-fi system or explosive weight and authority in a home theatre system the ER One is the one to beat.

Available in a variety of real wood veneers, this stunning new unit is available at your nearest ProAc dealer. 

Thông số kĩ thuật:

Enclosure Equalised reflex.
Dimensions 15" (380mm) cube
  17" (431mm) high on feet
Weight 44lbs (20kg)
Mode Floorstanding
Grille Acoustically transparent crimplene
Finish Available in the following real wood veneers: Black Ash, Cherry and Mahogany.